PW-ACTUA Expansion of Kiremko management announced at 50th anniversary The film that Kiremko showed its international guests during its 50th anniversary sums up all that the Dutch manufacturer of machinery for the potato processing industry stands for. A curious boy who finds a treasure in a beautiful potato crop and takes it on a journey of discovery. This is what Kiremko has done for the past fifty years: producing treasures from potatoes. As from this spring, Kiremko will operate in a new building and with an extra Management Board member: Marcel van huissteden. On Friday 19 May, the new Kiremko business premises in Montfoort was officially opened. The modern and spacious factory building was transformed into a magical party hall. Despite the Dutch origin of the company, the language spoken was English. There was good reason for this, as most of the guests present at the opening came from China, Argentina, Russia, the USA and, of course, the biggest processing country in Europe, Belgium. During the gathering, current Directors Paul Oosterlaken and Andy Gowing announced that Van huissteden had joined the Management Board. Oosterlaken explains that, like himself, the new member of the Management Board started as a trainee and developed into an authority within the company via a range of projects leading to the current, provisional pinnacle as adjunct director. Oosterlaken emphasises that the company’s expansion and future continuity were important reasons for taking this step. Innovation is in the DNA In a short address, Maarten Camps, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, emphasised that potatoes and the Netherlands were inextricably linked. He told his international Audience that the Netherlands is no. 1 in the export of seed potatoes and 25 percent of the fields are full of potatoes. The potato is also very popular around the world, which is why he praises Kiremko as a leading company that ensures that its customers all over the world can Magnificent opening of the new Kiremko building, with from left to right: Andy Gowing, Marcel van huissteden and Paul Oosterlaken. sustainably process chips with the Kiremko state-of-the-art machinery. What is important in Camps’ view is that innovation is in the DNA of this type of company. After the speech by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, illusionist Hans Klok introduced his guests to his magical world. The spectacular show, which also placed the current board members in the spotlight, was the start of a magnificent opening, after which the by now intrigued international group was given a tour of the new building and factory warehouse with all its modern machinery. An example is the Woksi, which is a potato product that resembles pasta and can be eaten either hot or cold. Together with HZPC, Kiremko has developed machines to cut the Woksi. ‘We’re not into processing ourselves, but companies can take out a licence for the process’, says Gowing during the tour. To emphasise the importance of the potato for the company even further, it was noticeable that all the offices are named after a potato variety. From the famous Bintje to later varieties such as Agria and Innovator. ● Potato World 2017 • number 3 11 Pagina 10

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