Fruit Logistica: the meeting place for the fresh world already 25 years TRADE AND MARKET I NG Norika picks up on dual-purpose varieties Norika, a breeder from Germany, had a wide range of varieties on show at Fruit Logistica. For a few years now, the company has also been growing seed potatoes in the Netherlands through the ZAP cooperative. And that’s working well, Director Tigran Richter says when asked. ‘The good reputation of Dutch seed is important for our export, which is why we want to expand, although that’s not so easy because there’s a lot of competition in the Netherlands.’ A great deal of the attention at the stand was for the table potato segment, with varieties like the Solist and Gala being important for Norika. But Richter also points to Cascada, a mid-early, waxy variety. He shows a tuber that he cut into halves half a day ago. This is a good example of the type of potato we expect a lot from, because it doesn’t discolour. Our genetics are strong on that point and that’s an advantage we want to make better use of because the consumption of fresh potatoes keeps dropping, while sales in the convenience market keep rising. If for whatever reason, something is wrong with the peeling quality, we can still sell our varieties to the ready-meal producers. That will fetch the grower a better price than the potato flake industry. Potato growers can’t afFord a crop failure anymore these days, which is why we expect a great deal from these types of dual-purpose varieties.’ Agrico toasts Ranomi and Arizona Juggling with cocktail shakers and bottles, a professional cocktail bartender performs his tricks at the Agrico stand. The trading company organised a reception where, together with business relations from at home and abroad, there was time to pause and review some important new varieties: Ranomi and Arizona. ‘Ranomi is doing well in Germany and in Central Europe, where we introduced the variety together with Weuthen,’ says Agrico Director Jan van Hoogen about the early, yellow-skinned variety. Because of its excellent consumption quality and its fine, yellow colour, the variety is extremely suitable as a salad potato. Arizona is a strong consumption potato which has a wide range of uses, due to its reliable yield under different growing conditions. ‘While we only had 20 hectares of this variety in 2011, this year, we’ll be growing 700 hectares’, Van Hoogen describes the advance of the variety. Potato World 2017 • number 3 21 Pagina 20

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