Fruit Logistica: the meeting place for the fresh world already 25 years TRADE AND MARKET I NG ‘Sweet potato direct competition with the potato’ You can’t get around them, also at Fruit Logistica: the sweet potato. Although no relative of the potato but a root vegetable, on the shelves it is in direct competition with the potato, says Jan Willem Verloop, Marketing Manager at Nature’s Pride, importer of exotic fruit & vegetables. ‘We actually advise shops to put them on the same shelves.’ The sweet potato is popular and is supposed to be healthier than the ordinary potato. The tubers contain a lot of beta carotene, also known as provitamin A. But in regard to carbohydrates and calories, the potato scores just a bit better and it also contains a lot more vitamin C. In dietary fibres, they are pretty much alike. Honduras, the US and Spain are important sweet potato suppliers, but the crop is also experimented with in the Netherlands. The popularity of the product doesn’t go unnoticed in the world of potatoes. Quick, for example, was the first to introduce a small pack of sweet potatoes, together with a recipe. Nedato range Bayard raises potatoes to an art er. ‘There’ll always be a place for a good potato, but you should continue to stay active and offer new concepts. We’ve got several in the pipeline.’ The French are masters in the exclusive potato varieties. Nowhere else at Fruit Logistica does one find so many shiny tubers in a variety of colours, shapes and luxurious packaging than at the French pavilion. Bayard ‘La Pomme de Terre’ comes top where it concerns providing an exclusive uniqueness to the modest potato. The family-owned company from the Haute de France region grows and packages only the very best quality and even exports fresh potatoes to Hong Kong. They talk about the potato as if it were a wine. On the wall are photo cards with beautifullyphotographed potato varieties and on the back recipes for – of course exclusive – dishes. ● Egbert Jonkheer Potato World 2017 • number 3 23 Pagina 22

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