Wet cleaning 50% less water Processing businesses prefer to have an appropriate over-capacity with a high degree of flexibility for the wet cleaning of products. DT Dijkstra offers industrial food-safe washers, with drums ranging from a diameter of 1 m and a length of 3 m. The range also includes washers with a length from 8 to 10 metres for potatoes, and a special newly-developed carrot drum can also be fitted to the washer if required. This octagonal lattice drum ensures optimum mutual rotation and rubbing of the product. An integrated auger is available to ensure an efficient and cost-positive use of washing water, whereby up to 50% can be saved on water consumption. Benefits of the DT Dijkstra washers: Configured according to clients’ requirements and tailor-made Consistent operational reliability and ‘built to last’ Completely food-safe (option) Water-saving integrated auger (option) Maximum washing flexibility User-friendly HMI Option: combination with stone, clod and haulm separator. Grading Unrivalled capacity and quality The DT Dijkstra grader represents 90 years of experience, and the unique double-shaking technology with alternating stroke length remains unparalleled. A unique combination of flexibility, grading quality and capacity. Size changes can be made within just a few minutes thanks to the hydraulic fast-clamping system for the sieves. DT Dijkstra grading machines are available in widths ranging from 1,000 to 2,400 mm (10 to 65 tons per hour). Benefits of the DT Dijkstra grading machines: Completely food-safe (option) Maximum grading capacity Outstanding size accuracy Unrivalled durability. Also available in stainless steel www.dtdijkstra.nl Pagina 26

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