P ot a t o w o r l d CONTENT: Journal for the Potato sector • number 3 • 2017 ‘To ensure the continued survival of our cooperative, it’s important to have our own varieties’ > page 4 9 PW-Actua 13 New plant breeders’ rights protocol offers scope for potato seed 17 Fruit Logistica: the meeting place for the fresh world already 25 years 25 Ambitious lobby full of ‘Potatobility’ rolled out for the Dutch edition of WPC 2021 34 Ten tons extra within five years should be possible with precision technology and cultivation optimisation 41 World potato output tops 400 million tonnes and is heading for half a billion 45 The World of PotatoResearch 46 PotatoWorld dish 46 PW Agenda Switzerland hopes for an average harvest > page 29 International export opportunities Export in and around the potato sector has been very successful lately. For example, the Dutch export of seed potatoes was a booming business in the last crop year. To provide even more service to this market, companies are increasingly keen to have their own range of varieties. In order to guarantee the continuity of the varieties of the Semagri trading company and because Royal ZAP wants to sell their own varieties, these two companies decided to merge. The companies expect further growth in the coming years. This also applies to the export of deep-frozen French fries and businesses that profit from that success, such as Kiremko. Due to the often difficult growing conditions in Europe in 2016, a lot of consumption potatoes were exported. A country such as Switzerland is importing over 6,000 tons from the Netherlands alone this year, almost three times as much as last year. In this issue of Potato World, growers and traders in this mountainous country explain the reasons why. In order to continue to sell to these markets, it’s important that both cultivation and storage are optimised. This makes it possible to provide a product that is suitable for a long journey. In this issue, the enormous Thes Agro company explains the role of precision farming in helping them to raise yield and quality to a higher level. Within this framework, I think that it’s important to organise international events inside our national borders. This is why we are already distributing information about the Potatobility theme of the 2021 World Potato Congress. We do this to emphasise that in 2021, PotatoEurope and WPC together could offer a fantastic platform to publicise the strength of the Netherlands in the field of potatoes. ● Jaap Delleman Potato World 2017 • number 3 3 Pagina 2

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