Do you want to grow with us? Growth is the power to develop. The potato continues to re-invent itself, as climate and geographical changes, political instabilities and population developments influence our organization and how we look to the future. The changing needs of the consumer and culinary developments also direct our actions. We see it as a challenge to expand our boundaries through innovation. Working sustainably and with a smart breeding programme, Agrico ensures that our organisation is ready for this future and that our potato varieties continue to meet these challenges. And so the potato develops with us, in the field and in the kitchen. Are you interested in what we can offer? Please get in touch! Our sales team and field operatives will be pleased to answer your questions. Say growth, say Agrico. Say potato, say Visit us at our variety and seedling show at Agrico Research on November 9th and 10th 2017. Pagina 31

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