s CU LTIVATION AND TECHNOLOGY stede hopes to be able to harvest an extra 10 tons of potatoes per hectare in five years’ time using precision technology and specialist advice. (foto Thes-Agro) the little plants have come up completely. Judging from the crop itself, you can’t really see that the weight of the soil varies enormously. The acute weather change has woken up all the plants at the same time. ‘While the field is really very varied’, Van der Wekken assures us. ‘At this location on our farm, the clay fraction of the soil in one plot can vary from 3 to 20 percent.’ These enormous differences in the composition of the soil result in considerable yield variations within each plot. ‘For some years now, we’ve been recording the cereal yields with the help of measuring equipment on the combine harvesPotato World 2017 • number 3 35 Ten tons extra within five years should be possible with precision technology and cultivation optimisation Pagina 38

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