Potato World dish P ot a t o w o r l d Hasselback potato I f you have decided to miss out on meat once a week so as to be more aware of animal welfare and the fair distribution of food in the world, you may rightly call yourself a flexitarian. Protein substitutes are then not really necessary in that one meal. However, we do like a savoury bite. Crisp and savoury, that’s what this Swedish Hasselback certainly is. AGENDA 18 – 20 October 2017 Fruitattraction Madrid, Spain www.fruitattraction.ifema.es 8 -10 November 2017 Variety presentations Various companies, The Netherlands 12-18 November 2017 Agritechnica 2017 Hannover, Germany www.agritechnica.com 22-23 November 2017 British Potato Harrogate, Great-Britain www.bp2017.co.uk 10 - 12 Januari 2018 PotatoExpo Orlando, USA www.potato-expo.com Preparation time approx. 12 minutes (plus 1 hour in the oven) • 4 large, fairly firm potatoes • 4 heaped tablespoons of butter • 1 packet of spice mix for chips (salted) • 4 sprigs of fresh, woody herbs (rosemary, thyme or oregano) Preheat oven to 225°C Wash and dry the potatoes. The potato should be cut so as to produce cross-cut slices. Using 2 wooden spoons, placing one spoon along each side of the potatoes. Slice across each potato so that the knife stops on the wooden handles of the spoons. In this way, you cannot cut the potatoes all the way through. Cut the potato slices at about 2 mm distances. Place the potatoes in an oven dish and put some sprigs of fresh herbs between the slices. Place a lump of butter on each potato. Put them in the pre-heated oven (30 minutes) and drip melted butter over the potatoes every 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, when the slices have opened up a bit, sprinkle with the spice mix, put them back into the oven, for another 30 minutes and drip again every 10 minutes. Serve with fried or grilled vegetables. Tip: Delicious with broccoli and roughly-chopped spring onions fried in the wok, finished with a bit of soy sauce and sprinkled with crushed cashew nuts. Ingrid van den Arend 19- 28 Januari 2018 International Grüne Woche Berlin, Germany www.gruenewoche.de 7 – 9 Februari 2018 Fruitlogistica Berlin, Germany www.fruitlogistica.com 22 August 2018 Potatodemo Day Westmaas, The Netherlands www.aardappeldemodag.nl 30 August 2018 Weuthen Kartoffeltag Schwalmtal-Waldniel, Germany www.weuthen-gmbh.com 12 - 13 September 2017 PotatoEurope 2017 Bockerode, Germany www.potatoeurope.com 25-27 November 2018 Interpom-Primeurs Kortrijk, Belgium www.interpom-primeurs.be Translations Ineke Touber Printer De Swart bv, The Hague NL Subscription rates € 75,00 © Aardappelwereld BV No part of these articles and/or illustrations may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the publisher. Publisher and authors state that this magazine has been compiled in good faith and with the greatest care. Consequently, they accept no liability whatsoever for any damage that is the result of acts and/or decisions that are based on the information provided. Advertising and Subscriptions Herman L. Vorst Tel. : +31 (0)70-3589331 E-mail: info@potatoworld.nl Potato World magazine Publisher Aardappelwereld BV Address van Stolkweg 31 P.O. Box 84102 2508 AC DEN HAAG Netherlands tel. : +31 (0)70-3589331 E-mail: info@potatoworld.nl Website: www.PotatoWorld.nl Editorial Ing. Jaap Delleman (Editorial Director) Ing. Leo F. Hanse (Editor) tel. : +31 (0)70-3589331 E-mail: info@potatoworld.nl 46 Potato World 2017 • number 3 Pagina 49

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