g CU LTIVATION AND TECHNOLOGY gy here’ PotatoEurope in Emmeloord in mid-September was not dominated only by bad weather. There was also plenty of interest for the topic of precision farming in the potato sector on both the first PotatoEurope day, which was cancelled, and the second that went ahead. For those who could not be there, or could not fully participate due to force majeure or lack of time, here is an overview of the various developments relating to this topic that could be discovered at the rain-stricken potato show and nearby. On the cancelled starting day of PotatoEurope, Project leader Jannick Pelle clarifies the results of the precision farming project at the Case IH location in Swifterbant. T he fact that so much information about precision farming could be gathered at PotatoEurope is partly due to the special project that took place here earlier. Already in the autumn of last year, a trial was started on the 30-hectare lifting demonstration field in order to make a comparison between potato cultivation with and without the use of precision equipment. The final results show that the techniques and methods of precision agriculture that were used pay off. The use of modern tools such as drones, machines, soil and crop sensors, together with expert advice, yield an extra €210 per hectare. This is thanks to the 3.5% net increase in kilograms of potatoes per hectare. Project leader Jannick Pelle The final results of the project at PotatoEurope show that the techniques and methods of precision farming that were used pay off. Precision farming Yield per ha Oww Plants per ha Stems per ha Stems per plant Tubers per ha Tubers per plant 50-70 mm per ha 55,9 39.332 88.886 2,3 249.549 6,3 41,2 Normal 54,1 366 372 39.887 83.553 2,1 237.327 5,9 38,4 Difference 1,8 -6 -555 5333 0,2 12.222 0,4 2,8 6,3 7,9 5,1 6,6 7,2 in % 3,5 Potato World 2017 • number 4 15 Pagina 14

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