TRADE AND MARKET I NG The first national Potato Qu Commission to start shortly PotatoNL. This is the name of the first national Dutch potato quotation, which was recently agreed by the regional Quotation Committees in this country. All the parties involved gave an explanation during a press meeting in Emmeloord on 13 September. Chairman Mark Brantjes pointed out that, from the beginning of May ‘after years of struggling’, the talks were put into top gear. According to Brantjes, it will only be necessary to put the finishing touches in the coming months. ‘We, as those involved from the various market parties present here, are particularly pleased and satisfied. To the left of him NAO Director Dick Hylkema and on the right ‘I t’s actually going to happen, the first national potato quotation in the Netherlands will start on 14 November 2017. This also means that the Emmeloord, Rotterdam and Goes Quotation Commissions will then stop their activities. For the 2017/2018 trading season, one national quotation will therefore apply to potatoes grown in the Netherlands. We, as those involved from the various market parties present here, are particularly proud’, says Brantjes both pleased and satisfied. The involved parties to whom the Chairman is referring are NAO director Dick Hylkema on behalf of the Rotterdam Quotation Commission, potato grower Watze van der Zee on behalf of the Goes Quotation Commission, potato grower Mark Brantjes on behalf of the LNCN Quotation Commission and Aviko Director Dick Zelhorst on behalf of VAVI (Dutch Association of Potato Processors). ‘If we’re honest, the quotation dossier has only known losers in recent years’, the Chairman continues his speech. ‘The way in which the quotations took place, fragmented and obscure, didn’t deserve any beauty prizes in Europe. We had the Rotterdam Quotation which failed to produce figures about cultivation. The LNCN Quotation Commission (Emmeloord) only gave farmers’ quotations for French-fry and table potatoes. The Goes Quotation Commission limited itself to a farmers’ quotation for only French fries, and VTA also had a purely farmers’ quotation. And last year, as the LNCN Quotation Commission, we got under the Goes Quotation Commission’s feet with a national quotation. But this situation couldn’t continue for ever, either. Fortunately, we can now happily draw a line under this unclear situation, and we’re pleased to say that we can now look to the future as one party. Two quotations a week At the same time as the start-up of PotatoNL, a new method of quotation was developed which, according to Brantjes, is’ fully objective and widely accepted throughout the potato sector’. A not insignificant fact is that the quotation can also provide reliable information to the EEX futures market, he adds. What is not yet known, however, is how the EEX will ‘PotatoNL is fully objective and has been widely accepted throughout the potato sector.’ weigh PotatoNL’s contribution in determining the cash settlement. Brantjes does not expect that this will deviate much from the usual calculation up to now. The new listing will 24 Potato World 2017 • number 4 Pagina 23

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