RE SEARCH World Potato Congress goes to the potato’s region of origin Germán Saldaña from the Peruvian Coopagros cooperative, will take their Audience along to a public-private cultivation and processing project in the Andean region. Finally, Oscar Ortiz of the CIP, Miquel Barandiarán of the Peruvian research institute INIA and World Potato Congress Chairman Romain Cools will close the congress with summary strategies to move the potato forward in the world. The conference concludes with a field visit to the mountains, where participants can choose between the Potato park and the INIA research institute. In the Potato park, at an altitude of about 4,200 metres, participants will see an example of the local cultivation in the Andean region and the conservation of biodiversity and food production systems. Another possibility is to visit the local research institute of INIA, where, in addition to cultivation, research results of the development of varieties will also be shown. The institute specialises in indigenous varieties. Besides thousands of potato varieties, the visit also offers the opportunity to see old Inca technologies, such as the unique terrace cultivation, in practice. A visit to the World Potato Congress requires a considerable investment with an admission fee of USD 977.50, but it offers a unique opportunity to visit the potato’s area of origin, and meet speakers and researchers. In addition, the visitors to the congress from all over the world will also discuss the future prospects of the potato, in short this formula provides a unique The market in Cusco offers a multitude of potato varieties for the local population. networking moment for all potato professionals from the entire chain. For more information and registration: ● Jaap Delleman At the FAO, the Millennium Development Goals, which aim to reduce world hunger and conserve natural resources and the environment, are the basis for the future. Potato World 2018 • number 1 43 Pagina 42

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