PW-ACTUA Cooking Championship us that the customers are presented with about ten variations per season, among which a special mash pot in the winter. Every week, the company from Heerenveen produces about six hundred meals. Stoelwinder explains that the Greydanus sustainable initiative has been carried through to the packaging, because it’s made from sustainable sugar cane. For those who don’t live in Friesland, the dish is also available in the newlycrowned World Champion’s restaurant. The professional jury with different backgrounds had a difficult task to judge the often totally different dishes. he was World Champion Potato-Vegetable Mash Pot Cooking. He’s even been on the radio in Australia as the Dutch winner. Flang Cupido from Terschelling offers cooking workshops with pure products from that island. Cupido was often a participant in the Pea Soup Championship and was crowned World Champion three times. Thanks to his experience, he holds a special event on Terschelling. He takes his visitors, armed with a ladle on various folkloric games. During a short winter walk, he shares the secret of a good, traditional pan of pea soup! Ger Warink comes from a Loppersum catering family. Siegfried Niemeyer is a juror from Osnabrück in Germany. In 2009, Niemeyer joined as a participant. Striking winner When judging the dishes, the jury gave points to the participants for various components, such as taste, smell, colour, ingredients, hygiene, time, preparation, presentation and originality. The definitive World Champion was John Spruit, chef of Het Koetshuis restaurant in Enschede. He prepared a daring mash dish of parsnip and floury organic potatoes with cream and butter as the basis. The dish was decorated with hand-baked scallops – the steak of the sea – according to Spruit. The dish was topped with raisons steeped in Olorosso Sherry and beurre noisette and roasted hazelnuts. All this was presented in a scallop shell. Spruit succeeded in creating this special dish only after a lot of tests and tasting to assemble the flavours. The jury agreed that this dish was the best. After the event, there was a lot of media attention for the gourmet chef. With his loud voice, spontaneous laughter and striking tattoos, Spruit is a fascinating character. Included in the Earlik Iti concept of Greydanus Just like the pea soup, the mash pot will be on the menu as one of the meals in the Earlik Iti (honest eating) concept of potato trader Greydanus, who is the main sponsor of the event. ‘These meals, based on Frisian products, are freshly available every day in the Frisian supermarkets, institutions and for private individuals’, says Tjalke Stoelwinder of this Frisian company. He tells Cultural heritage Next year, the 25th edition of the event promises to be another special one, for the organisation has registered for the National inventory of intangible cultural heritage in the Netherlands. The next step is also to register the Dutch mash pot for this. In doing so, the Dutch potato follows the Belgian frietkot (chips stall) culture, so that the potato can become an increasingly important part of the cultural heritage in Europe. ● Chefs made true works of art with, for example, Easter as a theme. Potato World 2018 • number 2 11 Pagina 10

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