PW-ACTUA First online international potato market launched tistical information about prices and quantities from the various growing areas. The trading platform is financed by subscriptions, with a distinction being made between a standard subscription (8.25 euros per month) and a premium subscription (16.60 euros per month) whereby the user also has access to the statistical analyses. More information at ● ‘With Potato Market, we want to achieve the digitalisation of transactions between professional companies in the sector’, Àngel Muñoz explains. Bringing supply and demand in the international potato trade together in a digital way is what the experienced potato trader Àngel Muñoz of the Spanish potato trading company Agromar, part of Intersur, has in mind with his new independent digital trading platform Potato Market ( Just before the beginning of the first-early season recently in Spain, a campaign was started for the Potato Market initiative. Agromar, which is mainly active in the French table potato market, realises an annual turnover of 55,000 tons of potatoes. Together with Intersur, which buys 70,000 tons of potatoes annually in the Spanish market and sells them in all European countries, the two companies have a great deal of experience in the table potato trade. Muñoz is currently seeing an acceleration in the digitalisation of trade flows in order to realise cost savings and various processes and activities. ‘This change in the market has just started and will accelerate further over the coming period. The professional potato sector shouldn’t miss out on these changes, which is why we want to achieve the digitalisation of transactions between professional companies in the sector. This platform brings both traders and growers into contact with many more potential trading partners’, Muñoz explains. Checking companies Potato trading companies can easily register for the new digital trading platform, according to Muñoz. ‘It goes without saying that we’ll check the companies for commercial criteria and solvency in order to ensure a reliable platform’, he explains. When the companies on both sides of the trade process are known, the quality level of each party will be shown on the site with the help of digital photos. For this purpose, we’ve developed a protocol and the French company Eurocelp is involved in facilitating the quality assessment. The system then produces the necessary papers and the customer chooses a carrier in the system. By giving the supplier and the customers a review, the system is self-regulating in building up a reliable trading company base. An additional tool of the system is the provision of staInternational congress about the year 2030 This summer, on 22 June, an international potato congress will take place in the Netherlands as the official start of Potato Weeks 2018. On that day, potato professionals can learn about the new way consumers think about producing food. The international congress of Potato Weeks 2018 will take place at the farmhouse of the Hoogterp family at Oude Bildtdijk 771 in the Frisian village of Sint Jacobiparochie. In order to make developments visible, a one-hectare demonstration field will be laid out next to the farm building. Here, a range of businesses will present new ways of modern fertilisation, crop protection and also a few new varieties. The aim is to show future-oriented applications. The organisation here works closely together with Agrifirm, Hoogland BV and George Pars cereal trading to show structured developments towards green applications and sustainable potato cultivation that help growers to be ready for the year 2030. All the agro-chemical industries and fertiliser suppliers will be present on the demonstration field, which will be open throughout the summer. The seed potato trading companies Agrico, HZPC, Meijer, IPM, Fobek and ZAPSemagri are also presenting their latest varieties. There is also a demonstration of salinisation in agriculture and in addition to a saline trial field, the organisation also wants to show how salty varieties do under normal conditions. Speakers At the congress, which is dedicated to ‘Future-oriented Seed Potato Cultivation’, Robert Graveland of HZPC will explain the current situation regarding the new breeding techniques to Western European growers and merchants from Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and France. Camiel Hoogland of Hoogland BV will then share his wide knowledge on sustainable arable farming and fertilisation. Carlos Nijenhuis, Chairman of Nefyto and Director of Certis Europe will then focus on the threats and opportunities of green crop protection. Finally, Jan van Hoogen, General Manager of Agrico, will present his vision on the professional seed potato market in 2030. ● Potato World 2018 • number 2 13 Pagina 12

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