TRADE AND MARKET I NG Fruit Logistica: supermarkets continue to aim for sustainability potato’ Rago, the inventor of the crisps. The Italian doesn’t want to say anything about the process, but it has to do with the type of drying method. The crisps are quite hard and the taste takes a while to get used to, because apart from the 0.8 percent fat that is naturally present in a potato, no oil or fat has been added. This naturally results in a different mouth sensation, but if you don’t compare them to regular crisps, they’re quite nice. Rago expects his crisps to reach the Italian supermarkets this spring, and then wants to take them to the European market. ‘We’re aiming for consumers who want a natural and healthy snack.’ Cyprus: ‘Red soil is our trademark’ ‘The red soil of Cyprus is the trade mark of our quality’, says Antonis Anastasiou of the Cyprus Potato Marketing Board, the island’s largest growers’ organisaThis year, both the modern and the traditional consumer literally had a place in the HZPC stand, depicted on the two large back walls. ’Modern’ stands for the demanding consumer who is interested in matters such as health, convenience and luxury, and ‘traditional’ refers to countries where the potato is an important staple food. Good retail concepts versus the concept of having a variety for every part of the world that does well in that area. ‘In emerging economies, they look at the potato in a differtion. With two crops per year, aimed at the premium segment, the potato is an important pillar in agriculture. Cyprus has had a normal growing season so far. ‘The potatoes planted in November are doing well and will be harvested again from the beginning of March’, says Anastasiou. In the meantime, growers are still busy with the last bit of the harvest of the winter crops. For that crop, the seed potatoes are planted ent way than we Westerners’, Douwe Lodewijk emphasises. ‘The potato is very important there, which is why we don’t want to forget the traditional consumer. As a company, we want to help ensure that the potato is available for everyone.’ This year, HZPC spotlights the Sunita. A variety that, according to Lodewijk, is widely usable: ‘It’s an easily-growing potato with a deep-yellow colour, a nice flavour and suitable for many purposes.’ HZPC: ‘Feeding the world’ in August, after which they can be harvested from November onwards. Traditionally, the Netherlands is not a major buyer of Cypriot potatoes. One of the few buyers is Loogman. ‘It’s a splendid product, but so is the price. If the market allows it, I like to buy them’, Ad Loogman responds. Major varieties in Cyprus are Spunta, Annabelle and Nicola. Potato World 2018 • number 2 17 Pagina 16

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