CU LTIVATION AND TECHNOLOGY PotatoEurope demonstration field has been planted under favourable conditions On 12 and 13 September 2018, DLG-Messen will organise the German edition of the annual international event PotatoEurope. This outdoor spectacle for the potato sector will take place at the Rittergut estate in Bockerode. In addition to the demonstration field where the latest harvesting machines will show their skills, the organisation is also devoting a great deal of attention to organic production methods and trade on the 30-hectare show ground. O ne of the attractive aspects of PotatoEurope is that it alternates annually in one of the four important European potato countries. Those who have the opportunity to visit them all will get an impression of the country-specific points of interest in the potato sector. These can be surprising and instructive for visitors from the other participating countries as well as for others. This year there will be a few striking examples of these aspects in the German Bockerode. A great deal of interest On 22 April, the crop for the demonstration field was planted. As in most places in Northwest Europe, a few weeks later than in an average season. The organisation has taken its time and waited for the most optimal soil conditions. On that sunny Saturday in April, a Grimme planting combination with a large Case-IH-tractor pulled the first dead-straight ridges in the plot which will be the meeting point of the international potato sector this summer. Wellknown harvester manufacturers will show their state-of-the-art harvesters here. The organisation tells us that the interest for participation is high. This not only applies to the harvesting demonstration, but also to other manufacturers and businesses that are active in the potato sector. Halfway through the month of April, 120 exhibitors had already registered, including breeding companies and manufacturers, suppliers of crop protection products and mechanisation. Special activities A few special activities at the show include a meeting point for the organic potato sector and an area specifically for equipment for the optical grading of unwashed potatoes. The organisation of the organic meeting point is in the hands of the Kompetenzzentrum Ökolandbau Niedersachsen GmbH (KÖN). At this special Treffpunkt Öko-Kartoffeln, all the disciplines of the organic potato sector Potato World 2018 • number 2 25 Pagina 24

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