CU LTIVATION AND TECHNOLOGY PotatoEurope demonstration field has been planted under favourable conditions will be present: cultivation, mechanisation, trade and marketing. A kind of mini organic trade show, that’s the idea. The focus is largely on the range of organic varieties, the choices that growers have, the way you can best grow them and the best way to market them. On the special area with optical grading techniques, live demonstrations will take place of various machines that are already on the market. The focus is primarily on the grading of unwashed products. Small farm machines as well as those that are suitable for the industry will be on show here, the organisation says. Extra attention for weed control Another theme that is receiving extra attention is weed control. For this purpose, the organisation is laying out a demonstration field in which various chemicals as well as mechanical methods of weed control are applied. The idea is to compare the results reliably. As in most places in Northwest Europe, the demonstration field of PotatoEurope was planted a few weeks later than in an average season. For more information about the exact location and possible participation in the various programmes, please visit the website ● Drawn and self-prOpelled lifters will harvest 30 hectares of potato land. Potato World 2018 • number 2 27 Pagina 26

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