RE S EARCH Post-checks step by step 6 Each top eye will be spooned out professionally 7 Each field produces one bag of topeyes 5 In the busy period, 80,000 tubers are being checked every day 8 Dipping in Moncereen 13 Each plant must have at least one unfolded leaf 9 And fifteen minutes in a GH3 hormone solution 14 Picking the plants 15 Only one stem may be harvested per plant 16 Not properly developed trays go back to the glasshouse 20 Per number and virus type, Y and XS here, on their way to the ELISA test 21 The computer analyses and prints a report 17 Picked and labelled on their way to the laboratory 22 There you are, and another approval Potatoworld 2006 13 Pagina 12

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