CULT IVAT ION AND T ECHNIQUE Meeting point for top quality Wonderful, top quality potatoes are harvested from the moist soil of the demonstration field at the Potato Demonstration Day in Westmaas. Quite a miracle, after such an unpredictable growing season. And all potato people present are clearly enjoying themselves. In short, the Dutch potato sector is showing its good side again. “ Demonstration Day is a get-at-able meeting for parties in the chain, and an ideal platform for the transfer of knowledge.” These prophetic words in the opening speech of Marius Varekamp, Chairman of the Dutch Potato Organisation (NAO), proved to be exactly right. People are meeting everywhere: where the crops are being harvested, at the trial fields, the storage demonstrations, and in the information pavilions. We could perhaps call this the quality of entrepreneurship. Keeping yourself informed about the latest developments and finding out about matters you didn’t even know existed. T QUALITY SEEKS OUT QUALITY Ingenious twin packaging There are plenty of examples of those relatively unknown snippets of information to be found around ‘potato square’. Who knew, for example, that the new NNZ twin packaging (Twin his formula seems to be exactly right. The Potato Bag) was developed by a German engineer? That the net strip at the back automatically separates from the closed front of the bag, as each bag is ripped from the roll before being filled? That Werkman is the first packer to use these bags for potatoes, that they are packed for Poeïsz, and that this super-market can keep them in top condition in this wicketted bag for several days as a result of improved net ventilation? This means that in this case the quality of the potatoes can be guaranteed for a longer period. Ready in five minutes Elsewhere in the ‘square’ we find another fine example of quality. Chef Ad Janssen and his entourage are preparing a potato dish of potatoes wedges in the skins. This is a novelty marketed by potato processor Schaap Holland. Potatoes have been quartered in their skins and cooked in the bag, herbs (incl. coriander) and oil have already been added, so that they can be fried in an instant. Five minutes in the frying pan and your potato meal is ready. Another special characteristic of this 23 Pagina 22

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