Meeting point for top quality CULT IVAT ION AND T ECHNIQUE ENERGY INDEX OF THE POTATO MUST GO DOWN Automatic bag hanger. Another example of increasing comfort can be found at ProPak. This manufacturer of packaging machines shows a new automatic bag hanger. This appliance replaces the predominantly manual hanging of jute and net bags. This is a machine that can automatically hang untreated jute bags and plastic net bags on a bag sewing machine. Two elements that work like ‘arms and hands’ pick up bags one by one from a pile and hang the bag onto the sewing machine. As a result of this automated process, the present system can supply the packaging machine with 750 bags an hour, provided that new bags are continuously provided and full bags removed . HARVESTING MACHINES DISPLAY IMPROVED QUALITY. The special novelties of the Grimme GT From a distance it may be slightly confusing: is it a Grimme or is it a DeWulf? Close by, the details speak for themselves. For example, the Grimme 2-row SF 170 GT has a caterpillar under the bulk hopper. It could also have been a set of row crop wheels, and then it would have been a lot more difficult to distinguish it from the DeWulf 3060. The real differences are more difficult to find. For example, the GT has a new axial cleaning set and a stepless variable adjustment of the cleaning distance. This can be adjusted from inside the cabin. In addition, the cabin has a monitor with a touchscreen, allowing the operator to input all the settings. To limit any possible tuber damage, an extra cleaning set has been mounted between the row chain and the next cleaning belt. This also serves as a leaf cleaner and has been provided with combs for extra efficiency. Overweight is a worldwide problem. The causes are well known. We get less exercise and at the same time the consumption of high-energyfood has increased. According to Professor Wim Saris of the University of Maastricht something can be done about this by supplying lowenergy food or food with a low Glycemic Index (GI). The potato can play a role in this. Potatoes are often being prepared using fat. There is healthy fat and there is unhealthy fat. It would already help improve human health if food were to be prepared with healthy fat. This would help lower the GI of potatoes prepared in fat such as chips and snacks. The potato itself, however, has a GI value as well. Studies in Australia have shown that not every potato has the same GI value. There are differences between products, but also between varieties. Boiled potatoes have an average GI between 56 and 101, fried potatoes around 85 and for chips have an average GI of 75. The difference in boiled potatoes is mainly attributable to differences between varieties. The Australians measured a GI of 101 for a variety such as Désirée, whilst Nardine has a GI of only 70. What the professor wanted to show is that potato breeders will have another factor to consider in the future. In a few years’ time, we might have a variety with a GI of only 28 that has just about the same caloric value as an apple. DeWulf 3060: more power, shorter drop heights The DeWulf 3060 does not immediately show its visible innovations, such as the drive. A new type Deutz Common Rail engine has been placed in front of the main drive. An important advantage is the lower fuel consumption. Furthermore, the wheels have been equipped with heavier hydro engines in order to be powerful enough where soil conditions are difficult. It is even possible to adjust power per wheel. Furthermore, DeWulf has also worked on quality improvement by minimising the drop heights and direction changes in the product flow. ● Leo Hanse Pagina 24

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