AW-ACTUA Double roll for Twin-Bag vide optimum communication of brand advertising and product information. In developing the new line, NNZ worked closely with packers and suppliers of packaging machines. This included extensive testing of the machine processes for the Twin-Bag on a roll. The result is packaging that is suitable for use on standard machines for rolls of bags. Twin-Bag on a roll is available for both 2.5 and 5 kg packed weights. After the introduction of the Twin-Bag wicketted bag in 2002, NNZ, a Dutch manufacturer of packaging material, is now launching the Twin-Bag on a roll. The new sibling of the popular Twin-Bag has the same attractive product characteristics. The combination of CLAF net and PE film ensures that the packaged product is better ventilated, so preventing condensation in the packaging and extending potato shelf-life. The double-sided packaging literally offers ‘the best of both worlds’ as regards product presentation. The CLAF net is available in a range of eleven colours to accentuate the desired product appeal. The PE film is printable in up to eight colours so that that side of the packaging can proThe Potato Company What a great stand! Which company is this?? That’s obvious, TPC of course! TPC??? Oh yes, The Potato Company© That new company exports quality seeds packed in those great bags! ‘Kookgemak’ shows what’s in the bag Potato packer Werkman BV from Oosternieland is the first company to introduce the new Twin-Bag under the name ‘Kookgemak’ (Easy Cooking). The packaging and sales idea was developed to offer the consumer more clarity about the characteristics of the potato in the bag. Moreover, the name of the variety is clearly printed on the bag. Not very big, but big enough for those who are interested. To develop the Twin-Bag idea, Werkman sought an answer to the question: how can we improve the presentation of the potato? We now have four product segments, bags with variety names and bags without. There must be a more simple way, they tell themselves at Werkman. That simplicity and clarity has now been found in the ‘Kookgemak’ range. That is also the name that appears in large print on the bags. The indication of the cooking section has been limited to two: bags with floury and bags with firm potatoes. The various uses or types are indicated in the picture and in the text. For example, boiled potatoes prepared in a saucepan or in the microwave, or suitability for mash or stew. The packaging also mentions the variety in the bag next to the bar code. A picture of a potato reveals the skin colour of the potato in the bag. To give the idea a recognisable appearance, the front has been printed with a net bag. The back of the bag has that same pattern, but then it is real. The transparent strip allows the consumer to check the quality of the potatoes in the bag. ● www. tpc .nl 0 5 2 7 - 6 3 0 1 1 0 With low organisation costs they’re able to sell against very competitive prices. That’s good marketing! ...And with it’s TPC research our potato future is guaranteed as well! Potatoworld 2006 9 © jan capel Pagina 8

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