TRADE AND MARKE T ING age to increase to about 300 hectares by next year. The Burren variety, in particular, is doing very well in the export market. ‘Our customers are increasingly seeing the advantage of partially changing over from Spunta to Burran.’ In the table potato market, IPM also has a number of trumps in its product range. ‘Via Great Britain, we want to conquer the markets of countries such as France and the Netherlands, and then Germany and Eastern Europe with Orla and Rooster. We are seeing in these markets that taste is becoming increasingly important for our customers’, emphasises Appeldooren. Erik Appeldooren: “Our customers are increasingly seeing the advantage of partially changing over from Spunta to Burran.” Fobek gets new owners Reduced royalties from varieties such as Timate and Ajiba, are the reason that the private breeding company Fobek will have to expand its parcel of shares from 300 to 2,700 next year. The trading company De Nijs, together with Pars and Agroplant, and the selection company Kooij and the Canadian company Tuberosum Technologies will then possess a considerable majority of these shares. Even if the owner composition has changed dramatically, it won’t make much difference for the every-day activities, according to director Peter Keijzer. ‘Breeding is a matter of patience. The new construction has already guaranteed our fixed costs now and we have brought continuity in the company. The annual costs at č200,000 are now being produced by 4 shareholders and the biggest customer Potato Masters. In addition to the breeding Peter Keijzer: “The new construction has brought continuity into the company.” programmes of the shareholders, which involve six thousand clones every year, there is now also the possibility that external companies will place their crossings with Fobek. We charge a rate of approximately č6.8 per clone for that service. For this sum of money, we observe the clones for three years whilst at the breeder’s, and three years at our company, after which the trading company will investigate their market potential. We at Fobek will take care of all the paperwork involved in registration for the Varieties List.’ Not much has changed in the selection methods, according to Keijzer. The clones that are the result from the crossings are sent to the affiliated Fobek breeders. They make the first selection, after which the material is tested again by Fobek together with the trading company. When a variety has been admitted to the Varieties List, the royalties will be distributed. One third is for the trading company and the remainder is for Fobek. From this amount, 40 percent goes to the breeder who selected the variety, 10 percent is distributed among the breeders who received he clone in the first year, and the remainder is for the Fobek management. Keijzer explains that there are a number of varieties in the offing. He has high expectations of Bastion, a chipper that has attracted the interest of McCain’s, and The Red Valentine and Red Sun varieties for the export. Miss Blush has been placed with Potato Masters. This Miss is a variety from Jan van Loon and has good market opportunities, according to the Belgian small packager. De Nijs puts the emphasis on red One of the new Fobek shareholders is Michel de Nijs. ‘We are too big not to be involved in breeding, but too small to start a full programme ourselves.’ Hence the investment in Fobek. The Red Sun and Red Valentine varieties are both part of the De Nijs product range. Both varieties have a good shape and colour. The Red Sun is a tasty potato with cooking type B. The Red Valentine has a long oval shape and offers opportunities in the export market. The colour of the skin is darker than Michel de Nijs. “We are too big not to be involved in breeding, but too small to start a full programme ourselves.” Potato World 2009 • number 1 15 Pagina 14

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