C CULT IVAT ION AND T ECHNOLOGY P 42 In the centre of the cup belt, an efficient banana-shaped partition has been made, which guides the potato neatly into the cups. each individual planting tube can be switched off. Both the drive of the planting tube and the riding track switch gear can be obtained in a hydraulic model at an supplement . The row distance and the drive track management can be regulated by means of the PM Control on the board computer. Accessories bar guarantees constant depth of planting The accessories bar – or trim bar - is another element to which the Dutch manufacturer gave a lot of attention. The bar holds two depth control discs and four furrow openers and is suspended in a parallelogram construction. As all furrow openers are suspended from one and the same bar, the depth of planting is equal and constant. The depth control discs are adjustable by means of a pin/hole adjustment. Also, the spring pressure adjustment on the furrow openers is weight-independent and easily adjustable at the side of the machine. The furrow openers have been shaped in such a way that the soil will cover the tuber as soon as it is dropped into the furrow. An additional advantage of this construction is that the tuber does not roll on. Another feature that stops tubers from rolling on is the wedge shape of the furrow, which basically clamps the tuber after has dropped out of the planting tube. The accessories bar is attached to the main bar, which also shows an interesting detail. Markers have been attached in an ingenuous way to the ends of this bar. The bar conceals the cylinders that move the markers up and down. Thanks to this construction the planter plus markers remains within the legal limits of 3m by 4*75cm for road transport. inserts for the smaller sizes, so that the change of planting tuber size does not require hours of extra work. The cup filling has improved not only because of the improved vibration function, but also because of the vertical angle of the cup belt . Thanks to the forward angle of 80 degrees , the tubers remain in place when they are moved into the cups. Another striking detail regarding the planting tube is the long see-through grid for more vision from the tractor onto the cup filling. In addition, the feed hopper of each planting element is standard and has a large moving bed, which ensures a steady flow of germinated and cut seed potatoes d to the planting belt. Modern drive and planting distances control What Miedema also thinks important is the cup belt drive. Like the Hassia SL Plus, this potato planter is provided with a side drive. However in this particular case it runs from the drive wheels to the upper roller via the easily-accessible control box. A change of planting distance is easily carried out in the standard machine by simply slacken the drive chain and then changing the gears. The planting distances range from 10.8 to 51.2 cm in 29 steps. The drive track switch is also a standard feature. . By simply pulling a handle, the drive of Easy to convert to combined Most other elements of the potato planter that have not yet been mentioned are also of a completely new design. For example, the covering discs with many different adjustments and the bunker construction with the built-in rear lights to prevent damage. There are also many extras available such as powder applicators and spray host kits, ridging hood and so on. The potato planter has already been designed in such a way that these extra features can be easily mounted straightaway or at a later time. It can also be very easy to connect the potato planter to a Multivator. If you want to do this you only need to remove the base beam from the trim bar and you can connect the potato planter to the Multivator, in which case the combination is called the Miedema Compact III. ● Leo Hanse Because all furrow openers now hang from a accessories bar, the planting depth is constant and even. Potato World 2009 • number 1 35 Pagina 34

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