PW-ACTUA Focus on changing taste at coming World Potato Congress In recent years, the consumer market of food products has increasingly been dominated by a change in taste. Consumers go for tasty, natural and especially healthy food as a result of increased attention for nature and the environment. The coming World Potato Congress (WPC) will sharply focus on this changing consumer demand. The organisation will welcome as special guest, culinary journalist Lauraine Jacobs, well-known from her contributions towards the world-famous magazine Cuisine. During her talk, she will freely discuss all the ins and outs of the current changes in consumer taste and its influence on the demand for potatoes. ‘Jacobs will explain how the consumer views the potato. Her story will be an excellent start for us for further discussions at the Congress, says WPC chairman Terry Olsen. According to Olsen, the taste preference of the consumer is changing all over the world. ‘It is of vital importance for a sector to understand what the consumer thinks of a product and what his or her experience is. Jacobs knows the consumer inside out. The participants at the Congress can expect her to focus on trends and aspects that our sector needs to integrate into the cultivation and processing of potatoes.’ Feeding our Future This time the World Potato Congress will be held in New Zealand from 22 until 25 March 2009, and is being organised by Potatoes New Zealand, a partnership of three hundred potato growers living and working on those faraway islands. The main FROM THE PULPIT Besides culinary journalist Lauraine Jacobs, many other potato experts will mount the Congress platform. Hence, the World Potato Congress organisation has invited the most prominent people from each field of study. The theme economics will be addressed by Martin Kneebone from in New Zealand and Dr. Andrew Fearne from the Centre for Supply Chain Research of the Kent Business School in Great Britain. Food safety and quality assurance is in the hands of Dr. Kristian Moeller, managing director of GLOBALGAP and Nadene Smith, business manager QA at Woolworths Supermarkets in Australia. The current topic ‘The impact of climate change’ is addressed by Dr. Jim Salinger, international expert in the domain of climate issues and he works as a scientist at New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research. The ‘Potatoes for Biofuel’ issue has been farmed out to Dr. William Bailey who works for the Agriculture Department Chair in the United States of America. Every one of those asked by the organisation of the World Potato Congress to address the Audience is a leader in his or her specialisation. They will, without any doubt, have very interesting things to tell the sector. Naturally, Potato World magazine will be there to report on all that is said, the result of which you will be able to read in one of our spring issues. Congress theme is ‘Feeding our Future’, in which the taste of the consumer plays an important role. In addition, topics that will come up for discussion are the latest developments in the domains of potato cultivation, environment and energy, potato processing for both food and nonfood purposes, consumer trends and new beliefs in respect of food safety and quality. The coming World Potato Congress (WPC) will sharply focus on changing consumer demand. Interesting themes for the entire sector All these interesting themes I’m shockproof! An indispensable addition in the harvesting of root crops. Utilisation indispensable à la récolte. T +31 (0)73 656 28 97 F +31 (0)73 656 66 55 Potato World 2009 • number 1 focus on the provision of information for a wide target group in the potato sector, from growers up to the people buying potatoes in the greengrocer’s shop or the supermarket. If you are not from New Zealand, we can recommend that you stretch your stay in this country beyond the World Potato Congress and plan some extra days for sightseeing. More information about the entire World Potato Congress sightseeing programme can be obtained from ● 9 © Pagina 8

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