excellent grading & cleaning Landbouwkade 6 | 8304 AE Emmeloord | The Netherlands T +31 (0)527 - 697 731 | F +31 (0)527 - 617 232 | info@dtdijkstra.nl | www.dtdijkstra.nl New: Handbook for potatobreeders Aardappelwereld (PotatoWorld) Ltd. will publish the handbook for potato breeders before long in collaboration with Louis Bolk Institute/Bioimpuls and others. All skills needed for successful potato breeding are revealed in the publication. The handsomely designed manual is most informative and inspiring for every player in the potato chain. It will be published in Dutch and English to begin with. A reduced pre-publication price makes the book all the more attractive. After publication the manual will cost € 50.-(excl. VAT) See for more information on our website: www.potatoworld.eu Meet our new quality generation Qualituber BV | Almereweg 35a | 1671 ND Medemblik | The Netherlands Tel. +31 227 540 795 | info@qualituber.nl | www.qualituber.nl QUALITUBER® Minitubers 1st 2nd 3rd generation seeds generation seeds generation seeds Pagina 23

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Interactieve internet spaarprogramma, deze sportblad of boek is levensecht online geplaatst met Online Touch en bied het digitaal bladerbaar publiceren van digitale weekbladen.

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