CULTIVATION AND TECHNOLOGY New technology for distributing germination inhibitors Anyhow, there is room for improvement, is the reaction of both Agrifirm and Belchim. However, due to their wide field of activity, both companies are also familiar with the technology of fine spraying in greenhouse farming. They have been using Low Volume Mist (LVM) spraying for many years in this sector. René Besteman, who has worked for 20 years with Agrifirm, is a specialist in the field of this atomiser technology. Under the name of Besteman Techno Support, he is now manufacturing all kinds of equipment for atomising fluids in the agricultural sector. Last year, the Hot Fog Resonator LVM was added to the range. This atomiser for germination inhibitors such as Chloor-IPC is purpose-designed for use in potato storehouses. Ingenious fluid spray The Hot Fog Resonator LVM does not have the disadvantages that Harpe and Gijlers mentioned with already existing equipment, Besteman shows in a potato store. The heart of the atomiser is an ingenious fluid spray. It has been provided with a mixing chamber, which mixes the fluid with the heated air. Compression pressure then makes sure that the mixture is sprayed at a high speed of 700 kilometres/hour from the small opening of the spray nozzle. Not a millimetre outside the nozzle, the jet hits the resonator needle, as a result of which the jet spreads into a cloud of minute droplets. At 4 bar pressure on the spray nozzle, the cloud consists of very fine 0 to 8 micron drops, which looks like a white mist. A slowly-turning ventilator, which is placed behind the spray, ensures that the cloud of sprout inhibitor is distributed evenly in the storeroom. The ventilation system in the storeroom itself controls the distribution of the Chloor-IPC mixture in the stored potatoes. The air is heated with a separate heating element that is mounted on the Hot Fog. This element heats the air to a temperature of 450 degrees Celsius and ensures that the germination inhibitor fluid in the mixing chamber is heated to a temperature between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius. This is an ideal temperature to evaporise the agent. Percentage of sprouting in 3 stages, according to the PCA scale Percentage of sprouting in 3 stages, according to the PCA scale At 4 bar on the spray nozzle, the cloud consists of very fine 0 to 8 micron droplets, which are visible as a white mist. Measurements on the PCA scale show that germination inhibition is the same throughout the entire storeroom. 26 Potato World 2013 • number 1 Pagina 25

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