TRADE AND MARKET I NG HIP is putting its money on higher potato yield ‘Holland Innovative Potato (HIP) is an association of 11 Dutch potato companies of which 50 percent of the companies are active at the beginning of the chain and 50 percent at the end. Together, these companies have decided to carry out pre-competitive research to foster innovations in the potato chain’, HIP-coordinator and former Director of the Technological Top Institute Green Genetics (TTI GG), Bernard de Geus (BdG) describes the new association. ‘These companies have the same interests in the research, but are each other’s competitors in the market’, adds Dick Hylkema (DH), Director of the Dutch Potato Organisation (NAO) and Chairman of HIP. The recent awarding of four projects marked the official start of HIP. 4 Potato World 2018 • number 4 Pagina 3

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