CU LTIVATION AND TECHNOLOGY Ten years of Smart Grader practical experience: ‘grading much more seed’ CALCULATION BY KOELhuis BERGMANS COMPARING SMART GRADER AND NON-ELECTRONIC GRA Koelhuis Bergmans from the village of Wijnaldum is also a Smart Grader user and Table of size distribution and financial potential Inventory Kg 28-35 35-45 45-55 >55 Totaal Prijs / 100 kg Euros 200.000 10.000 € 35,00 € 3.500 60.000 € 30,00 € 18.000 90.000 € 28,00 € 25.200 40.000 € 5,00 € 2.000 € 48.700 carries out grading operations for third parties. For (potential) customers, in contrast to the growers visited in the article, they have made an extensive calculation in which the benefits of the electronic grading machine are shown in euros. The starting point for Bergman’s calculation is a lot of 200 tons of Spunta class S with 20 percent scab above scab scale 2. The estimate of the size distribution of the lot and the financial potential are shown in the table below. There are two grading options. Option 1 is standard grading, the lot is inspected three times to get the main size NAK-worthy. The oversize is not inspected due to the limited financial potential. Option 2 relates to grading with the Smart Grader. The lot is graded into two quality classes, to be delivered with less than a mark 2.5 for scab and a rating of 2. The basic assumption is that the Smart Grader provides a 10 percent improved size grading. All sizes are inspected and delivered. The following tables are the result of both options. hectare yield a day if there are not too many abnormalities in the yield. As a seed potato grower, you have about one hundred grading days at your disposal, with which you can grade a total of about 100 hectares on your own with one Smart Grader. If the loading and unloading is arranged – I can store up to three hours supply in it – then I can do some other work in between or take a break. Only 10 percent of the total grading volume within a season requires additional manpower, just like now when we are grading a lot with many defects. Besides a high proportion of pox, there are quite a few half-tubers and the Smart Grader doesn’t get them all out. This grading for third parties is also an extra bonus with which Gabriëls can earn back his investment. Fellow farmers often knock on his door with an irregular lot of seed that 18 Potato World 2019 • number 3 Pagina 17

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