CU LTIVATION AND TECHNOLOGY Ethylene tested as sprout inhibitor in storage potatoes Due to the imminent disappearance of the Chlorine-IPC (CIPC) sprout inhibitor from the market, the sector is looking for alternatives. In addition to being effective, a new sprout inhibitor in storage potatoes must also be afFordable and profitable. Is ethylene treatment a solution for the long-term storage of potatoes for the processing industry? The French fries from Fontane potatoes stored with ethanol (cell 6) are slightly darker over their entire length than the fries stored with CIPC (cell 5), but fry evenly. A t Restrain Company Ltd., supplier of ethylene solutions for potato storage, they answer this question with a resounding ‘yes’. They indicate that they have installed 1,300 generators in 36 countries, with which growers store a total of around 1 million tons of ware, starch and crisps potatoes. In order to inform more companies in the Netherlands about their ethylene treatment for storage potatoes, they organised a presentation and baking test at the end of April at the Field Crops location of Wageningen University & Research in Westmaas. This is where the company has arranged for an extensive storage test to be carried out during the 2018-2019 storage season. Representatives from national and international companies in the potato sector, including Emsland-Stärke, Farm Frites, McCain, PepsiCo, Select Potato and Weuthen, gathered in Potato World 2019 • number 3 39 Pagina 38

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