CU LTIVATION AND TECHNOLOGY To the question ‘what is the most important focus in your breeding work at the moment’, we received a wide range of answers from the participating breeding and trading companies present at the annual variety presentation days in Emmeloord and its immediate surroun dings. Frequently heard responses were, we are looking for resistances, and for some people the focus is mainly on viruses because of the high percentage of virus reduction in recent years. Others, because they have been doing so for years, continue to search for new Phytophthora and nematode resistances. Yield, French-fry qualities, stress resistance, robustness and durability are also key objectives in today’s breeding work. Breeding objectives differ, just as tastes differ. It’s worth noting that this last characteristic wasn’t mentioned once as the most important breeding goal. Leo Hanse en Jaap Delleman Variety Presentation Days 2019: main objectives in breeding vary widely Potato World 2020 • number 1 11 Pagina 10

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