TRADE AND MARKET I NG Closed potato market in Norway keeps the local potato chain afloat ing. ‘The home sale market is an attractive business, because I sell around 100 tons a year, which yields a minimum of 120,000 euros’, he says with satisfaction. Home sales take place in a separate room, where the customers collect and pay for their potatoes themselves via a POS system with a PIN machine. ‘People always pay up properly’, the grower says enthusiastically. In Norway it’s mandatory to use potatoes as raw material for the famous Aquavit. He uses 30 tons of cattle slurry as fertiliser in the autumn. In the spring, he supplements this with 500 kilograms of 12-418 and, if necessary, an additional fertiliser with 60 kilograms of nitrogen. He sells his yield partly to small packagers such as Hvebergsmoen Potetpakkeri and partly through home sales. To be able to deliver all-year-round, he built a 3,000 ton storage facility with mechanical coolAlcohol distillery To broaden his business activities, Bjørndal has invested in his own alcohol distillery. In Norway it’s mandatory to use potatoes as the raw material for the famous Aquavit. The largest producer in Norway is Arcus in Hagan. This company buys the potato alcohol from processor Hoff in Gjøvik. They need around 21,000 tons of potatoes to make a wide range of Aquavit varieties, which Arcus sells both in Norway and in other countries. In order to protect this market, the Norwegian government has drawn up an extensive package of terms and conditions for Aquavit. Bjørndal and his son, who is studying chemical technology, are working hard to master the combustion technology for Aquavit. At the moment, he has already introduced several brandies on the market that are already very popular in the area. This step in his busiStable Norwegian processing One of the largest French-fry manufacturers in Norway is the Hoff company. This cooperative, with 519 owners, achieves an annual turnover of 54 million euros. The company produces French fries, alcohol, glucose, flakes, vacuum-packed products and starch. It collaborates with 235 active potato growers. Approximately 95 percent of annually-processed potatoes come from Norway. According to CEO Ingeborg Flønes, the company aims to market attractive products and thus create added value Turnover of French-fry potatoes in kilograms 1000000 1200000 1400000 200000 400000 600000 800000 0 Aslak Berle Bruse Fontane Innovator Kuras Lady Claire Lady Rosetta Oleva Saturna 2018 Zoeba 2018 2017 2016 Arcus needs 21,000 tons of potatoes to produce a range of Aquavit varieties. ness operations fits in with the consumer trend towards locally-produced products, according to Bjørndal. 2016 2017 36 Potato World 2020 • number 1 Pagina 35

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