P ot a t o w o r l d CONTENT: Journal for the Potato sector • number 2 • 2020 “By working together more, we can take important steps forward” > page 4 9 PW-Actua 20 European potato chain launches CIPC cleani ng protocol for potato storage facilities 25 Growing interest in American Kinsey-Albrecht soil analysis 33 Proud British entrepreneurs continue to innovate even after Brexit 41 The World of PotatoResearch 42 PotatoWorld dish 42 PW Agenda Fruit Logistica focuses on sustainability > A lot of unrest in the world The global corona crisis is causing a lot of unrest and major concerns in society this year. Like many companies, we as the Potato World Team – at the time of writing fortunately all well and healthy – have quickly learned to work with digital techniques such as video calling in order to be able to finalise the magazine on time. I’ve noticed that, in these times of crisis, part of society is returning to old and familiar standards and values. Apparently, the potato still plays an important role in this, especially now that eating out is no longer an option. It’s still the most important basis of a nutritious, home-cooked meal and it is also a fresh product that will keep for a long time. The effect of all the restrictions was that, in many countries, everything on the potato shelves was sold out and the small packagers could barely keep up with the sudden increase in demand. Even before the corona crisis, the initiators of the new European potato campaign had already observed this reaction. With the slogan ‘Potatoes, Prepare to be Surprised – Europe’s Favourite since 1536’, they were harking back to the basics of the cooked meal in order to encourage millennials to start preparing potatoes again. The most frequently asked question in the potato sector at the moment is what the potato trade season will be like. The great economic uncertainty in the international market means that no answer can, as yet, be given. In anticipation, French-fry processors in the world’s major potato growing areas are calling for a reduction in the cultivated acreage. In addition to this market uncertainty, this is also the first year that the European potato sector has to manage without haulm-killing agents such as page 13 Diquat and Finale and the anti-sprouting agent Chlorpropham. The protocol launched by the European potato value chain this spring shows that good brushing is often sufficient to remove the CIPC from storehouse facilities which, fortunately, is good news. On behalf of the Potato World Team, I wish all readers good health and lots of wisdom in these worrying times. ● Jaap Delleman Potato World 2020 • number 2 3 Pagina 2

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