BREEDERS CONTINUOUSLY WORK ON INNOVATION Plant Breeders’ Rights We defend their rights. That is our contribution to feed the world. WWW.BREEDERSTRUST.EU All machines from own production in Germany Which soil analysis do you use? Kinsey-Albrecht analysis; the best basis for a healthy soil! Together we build ‘the house for the Biology’ We construct machines for a very gentle handling of potatoes like drop bunkers, storage bunkers, desoiler, box filler, box tipper, washing machines, sponge dryer, inspection tables, bagging scales, conveyor, automatic weighing-bagging machines, grader, Big-Bag-filler and others. Go to for detailed information. Feed the soil, to feed the world Wilsumer Str. 29 49847 Itterbeck More information? T +31 (0)6 105 542 38 Germany Tel. 0049(0)5948-93390 Fax 0049(0)5948-933925 Pagina 33

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