TRADE AND MARKET I NG Fruit Logistica: the meeting place for the fresh world already 25 years Herbert shows ambition New Herbert team with from left to right: Gerard Bos, Ilse van Ierland and Mark Verschuren. Manufacturer of grading and processing lines Herbert Engineering has been through turbulent times. With the sale of the British parent company – which is also active in aircraft equipment – it seemed that the agricultural branch was going to pull the short straw because the investor that came forward was especially interested in aviation. Importer for the Netherlands, Mark Verschuren, saved the day. He succeeded in taking over the agricultural division and bringing the entire production line to the Netherlands. From Eindhoven, at VDL, Herbert will continue to sell its products all over the world. In order to continue developing the brand, Managing Director Verschuren will be assisted by new Sales Manager Gerard Bos. He left Tolsma Grisnich at the beginning of this year and will represent his new employer for the first time in Berlin. On their stand, the gentlemen drew attention specifically to the new series of optical grading machines from the Oculus range, among which their new, smallest type with a 450 mm tyre width, and a new, largest type with a 2,500 mm tyre width. With the latter, Herbert is focusing on the processing industry. The machine has a capacity of 35 to 40 tons of product per hour, depending on the tuber sizes. On the basis of tests on several machines at a French-fry manufacturer, Herbert promises 96 to 98 percent accuracy for both size and external defects. Remo explores the German market After many years of absence, the potato processing company Remo decided to show up again at Fruit Logistica, in search of new markets. ‘We especially want to explore the opportunities for exporting our products to Germany’, says Wim Lannoey (r). ‘We’ve already been active in the other countries in the region for some time.’ In its home country, Belgium, Remo is market leader in the food-service market, with a wide range of par-cooked to fully-cooked potato products. Bintje is still the most important variety by far, which is again proving its worth this season according to Lannoey. ‘It wasn’t an easy growing season in terms of the weather. They’re a bit smaller, but the quality of the Bintje is still good. The peeling efficiency is a bit lower now, it’s true, but that’s because we’re getting potatoes more often now from storehouses with the earliest–harvested potatoes. The drought has caused some lifting damage.’ Remo is one of the eight potato suppliers at the joint Flemish Pavilion in Berlin. In total, thirty suppliers of vegetables, fruit and fruit trees are represented under the VLAM flag: the Flemish Centre for Agriculture and Fish marketing. 18 Potato World 2017 • number 3 Pagina 17

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