Fruit Logistica: the meeting place for the fresh world already 25 years TRADE AND MARKET I NG Crisps to fry at home Anyone believing that everything has been invented has to think again when visiting the Quick stand. The family business from the Dutch province of Gelderland came with a striking new concept: ‘Crisps, frying for pleasure’. Or: pre-cooked potato crisps to finish at home. ‘People make their own chips, so why not crisps as well?’ Says Peter Quick. And gives part of the answer himself straight away: ‘Of course, to open a bag of ready-to-eat crisps is quite easy. But we certainly see opportunities here. We’re focusing on special moments to enjoy together with the children, during weekends for example. Or a portion to go with your club sandwich. This is all about perceptual experience. But there are other arguments as well: they’re cheaper, delicious, and contain less fat. Especially when you cook them in the Air fryer.’ Quick can’t complain about the interest he’s getting. Every time a fresh portion is ready, there’s a rush on his stand. The Crisps are sold in 300 gram bags, are still in their skins, and are packed with special seasoning (a choice of three) in their own, sealedoff place in the new compartment packaging. ‘All packaging will be degradable’ Koen Peeters of the Belgian company KPMB Food Packaging is the agent of the Spanish company CMSA, a big player in the field of potato consumer packaging. Peeters is mostly active in Belgium but also works for customers in the surrounding countries. His Dutch market is not big he says, but he can show an example. Among the packaging on display behind him, there is one from the Jumbo organic line. One of the company’s trademarks is the patented ‘transparent window’: gauze netting in the centre of the bag. Asked about trends, Peeters says that CMSA will completely change over to organicallydegradable packaging in the coming years. ‘That’s something we’ve been wanting to do for some time, but we also want to keep the quality of the packaging at the same level. There are now degradable plastics that have the same specifications as our current plastics. The customer won’t see the difference. ’However, the customer will have to pay a little bit more. His estimation is that the packaging will be around 10 to 15 percent more expensive. Meat experts help retain potato colour Par-cooked potato products can turn greyish under the influence of oxygen and so lose their attractiveness. The German company Arnold offers a solution. The company has been supplying natural antioxidants to the meat industry for years and has now also developed an antioxidant for potatoes: Antiox Kartoffel. ‘It’s a combination of acids which we add to the wash water. As a result, the product keeps its colour for seven days’, says Manager Jan-Arne Wisch. The addition is a so-called ‘functional additive’ and so it doesn’t have to be mentioned on the product label. Potato World 2017 • number 3 19 Pagina 18

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