, 1 10th World Potato Congress o t a XXVIII CONGRESO DE LA ASOCIACIÓN LATINOAMERICANA DE LA PAPA BIODIVERSITY, FOOD SECURITY, AND BUSINESS A PERÚ Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego We mo�vate your sustainable and responsible produc�on by cer�ca�on Because we love potatoes! Control Union ceres worldwide for e.g. GLOBALG.A.P., Milieukeur (SMK), food safety and ISO. Further, we calculate your product footprint concerning CO2 , water and energy. Control Union Cer�ca�ons B.V. Hervé Malandain T +33 (0)2 35 42 7722 Le Havre, France cer�ca�onfrance@controlunion.com www.control‐union.fr Eerik Schipper T +31 (0)38 426 01 00 Zwolle, The Netherlands cer�ca�on@controlunion.com www.controlunion.com Discover your advantages and all new machinery during Agritechnica, Hannover, Hall 24 www.avr.be | +32 (0)51 24 55 66 C U S C O - P E R U | r g M a R A 8 R Y 1 E 2 s P w 7 g Ú 2 r l - o NEW! 3 d o c E I L 0 o n L B 1 . w r e P 8 w s 2 E w 0 p t D C - a l Ú p . o C 2018 USCO, PERU Pagina 23

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Interactieve digitale reisgids, deze club blad of club blad is levensecht online geplaatst met Online Touch en bied het digitaal maken van web clubmagazines.

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