CU LTIVATION AND TECHNOLOGY For crop farmers who wish to employ precision farming techniques optimally and in order to achieve higher potato yields, Van Iperen BV in Westmaas has developed the TT concept. One of the crop farms that is participating in this specialist crop advice concept for precision farming is Thes Agro, an agricultural holding in BurghHaamstede. They hope to generate considerably higher potato yields in their very colourful fields. ‘We’re convinced that we can realise those extra 10 tons per hectare within five years’, according to the farm workers and crop advisors. Agricultural company Thes Agro in Burgh-Haams A fter a few weeks of cold weather, the sudden higher temperatures after mid-May gave the young potato plants a formidable growth spurt. As if a start signal had been given, all the plants emerged almost at the same time, right in the centre of the dead-straight ridges created with GPS technology. ‘I always think that’s a fantastic moment’, says Thes Agro employee Johan van der Wekken, while striding across one of the potato plots. ‘On a morning in May, suddenly there’s life in the bare ridges. Across the entire field, from nothing, you see the emerging green tips lifting the small earth lids, and in the afternoon 34 Potato World 2017 • number 3 Pagina 37

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