P ot a t o w o r l d CONTENT: Journal for the Potato sector • number 4 • 2017 ‘A sustainable potato sector requires a stable EU policy’ > page 4 9 PW-Actua 24 The first national Potato Quotation Commission to start shortly 27 In 25 years, EUROPLANT has developed from a regional player to a multinational company 33 Investing in storage is still necessary, also after Brexit ‘It’s full of IT technology here’ > page 14 41 New practical impetus for European trade at the Europatat conference 45 EU fry exports at record levels 49 The World of PotatoResearch 50 PotatoWorld dish 50 PW Agenda Traditions The European potato sector has many traditions. One of them is the annual Potato Queen election in the German potato region of Rhineland. Every year, a German beauty is honoured and hailed as the Ambassador for the Potato. The potato deserves a queen, just as the mussel, strawberry and many other stars among food products have a queen as a figure head. The plant represents everything that qualifies for this status, for example, cultivation is highly sustainable and produces a healthy staple food that can feed the growing world population. Of course, the potato also has its challenges. As a result of changing European policies, it is becoming increasingly difficult for plant protection companies to get new active substances authorised in Europe. According to Bayer Senior Executive Albert Schirring, sustainable potato cultivation requires a stable European policy now and in the future. Ultimately, however, the market determines the success of cultivation. This has been extremely volatile for many years, with high prices last year and low prices up to now this year for non-contracted potatoes appearing on the various European listing boards. This price-setting conceals a world of contracts, with the result that the free market is now barely functioning. Hopefully, market initiatives such as the Dutch organic covenant, whereby major grocers AH, Aldi and Jumbo will only market Phytophthora-resistant varieties from 2020 onwards, will help to make the price-setting of potatoes more stable. It is therefore a good thing that the three Dutch regional quotation committees have created a national potato quotation system. With the name PotatoNL, the new quotation immediately radiates a chain approach, with which a widely supported, reliable and transparent quotation seems to have been realised for the future. Jaap Delleman Potato World 2017 • number 4 3 Pagina 2

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