TRADE AND MARKET I NG ‘A sustainable potato sector requires a stable EU policy’ Albert Schirring is global Crop Manager for Potatoes, Fruit and Vegetables at the plant protection product manufacturer Bayer AG and works at its Global Head Office in Monheim, Germany. For his work, he travels around the world and closely follows developments in the international potato sector. While driving through the woodlands near the village of Doorwerth in the Netherlands, the crop protection specialists raises his concerns about the position of the potato sector as the introduction of crop treatment products in Europe has stalled. ‘There’s a lot at stake. To introduce an innovative new active substance onto the market requires an investment of around 250 million euros. If, in the meantime, European politicians constantly change the rules during the game, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers to introduce or re-register new products. A sustainable potato sector requires a stable EU policy’, Schirring warns. 4 Potato World 2017 • number 4 Pagina 3

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