Wireless Potato Node™ Identifies exact locations where potato damage takes place along the chain of production, packing and distribution wireless-tester.com • Triaxial accelerometers • Sample rates up to 4096 Hz • Water resistant • Data transmitted up to 2 km (1.2 mile) • Supports multiple potatoes simultaneously • 6 - 9 months battery continuous use • Real-time data as well as log to memory All machines from own production in Germany All hi f d i i G USA: 1-801-895-3683 EMEA: +972-54-457-6313 We construct machines for a very gentle handling of potatoes like drop bunkers, storage bunkers, desoiler, box filler, box tipper, washing machines, sponge dryer, inspection tables, bagging scales, conveyor, automatic weighing-bagging machines, grader, Big-Bag-filler and others. Go to www.euro-jabelmann.de for detailed information. Wilsumer Str. 29 49847 Itterbeck Germany Tel. 0049(0)5948-93390 Fax 0049(0)5948-933925 info@euro-jabelmann.de www.euro-jabelmann.de Pagina 13

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