CONTANT: > “I am expecting the first Phytophthora resistant potato in 2008 or 2009.” > page 4 THE BENEFIT OF PARTNERSHIP AGRICO Post-checks step by step > page 12 Agrico is a large and robust cooperative organisation. All its members are specialised growers of high-quality potatoes. This offers clear benefi ts and means that we are heavily integrated and able to control the entire supply chain; something that Agrico does with vigour. From research, via seed potatoes to table-potatoes and for industrial processing; we do it all. Also with transport, storage and packing, nothing is left to chance. A lot of work, but we do all this for a good reason: the best potato for millions of customers throughout the world. Export company must be flexible > page 19 7 PW-actua mately 10,000 clones per day now’ 29 The world of potato research 30 Potato World Dish 30 Agenda 30 Colofon 15 GPS tests useful even without results 23 Meeting point for top quality 26 Grading potatoes with laser and mathematics 28 ‘If things are going well, we are assessing approxiP.O. Box 70 8300 AB Emmeloord Duit 15 8305 BB Emmeloord The Netherlands Tel. : +31 (0)527 63 99 11 Fax : +31 (0)527 63 98 80 E-mail : Internet : Potatoworld 2006 Pagina 1

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