P o t a t o w o r l d The source of potato information Journaal for the Potato sector – Autumn 2006 > > Did you know that golf balls are handy in potato growing? Agrico Research, the Dutch breeding station, has an entire collection. Not to play golf with, but to use as boundary markers between trial fields. Every year, the company plants 100,000 seedlings that are harOn the cover: Export company must be flexible page vested with a specially developed lifter. The golf ball offers a solution to avoid mixing types, so as to ensure that the breeders are able to select the most favourable world varieties. The users of the new Climax grading machine can also be assured of an ideal product. Thanks to a combination of laser technology and mathematical calculations, consumption potatoes can be graded extremely accurately, both in size and number. That can be extremely useful when a large volume of potatoes must be prepared for export. The Dutch company Verhagen has gained a great deal of experience in that particular field. It sends high quality potatoes all over the world. This has not always been an easy trade, as we learn from managing director Bas Rijk. “It is a question of continuously navigating between differences in supply and destinations.” Another Dutch export is the Potato World magazine. Not potatoes this time but information about potatoes. We are doing this in the form of an English-language magazine that will be published four times a year as Potato World. This initiative will be backed up by a monthly newsletter on the internet: www.potatoworld.nl. Through Potato World magazine we want to provide the international potato sector with the latest news from the source: Europe and the Netherlands in particular. The potato has the interest of the entire world. Many consumers all over the world have potatoes or potato products on their menu every day. To keep providing these increasingly critical potato eaters with good varieties, the potato chain has to meet the highest demands. Each link in the chain must carry out its task to the best of its ability for the potato market to function effectively. Sound information about growing, storage and transport is increasingly important for all the practical growers and traders in the world. This is most certainly true today. I wish you a great deal of pleasure with this copy of Potato World. Jaap Delleman info@potatoworld.nl 3 Pagina 2

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