THE BENEFIT OF PARTNERSHIP AGRICO Agrico is a large and robust cooperative organisation. All its members are specialised growers of high-quality potatoes. This offers clear benefi ts and means that we are heavily integrated and able to control the entire supply chain; something that Agrico does with vigour. From research, via seed potatoes to table-potatoes and for industrial processing; we do it all. Also with transport, storage and packing, nothing is left to chance. A lot of work, but we do all this for a good reason: the best potato for millions of customers throughout the world. P.O. Box 70 8300 AB Emmeloord Duit 15 8305 BB Emmeloord The Netherlands Tel. Fax E-mail : +31 (0)527 63 99 11 : +31 (0)527 63 98 80 : Internet : Pagina 1

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Voor edities, online onderwijscatalogi en kranten zie het Online Touch CMS systeem. Met de mogelijkheid voor een webshop in uw weekbladen.

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