Internat ional Year of the Potato accurately keeping records in the computer where seed for crossing originates, the CIP has the possibility of asking its business relations in other countries to provide the requested breeding material without having to search too much themselves. Wild types Tubers no, resistance yes In addition to the well-known Solanum tuberosum species, the CIP also preserves other species in the gene bank such as S. tuberosum subsp. Andigenum, which is the primeval form of many European potato varieties and S. Phureja, a tasty species with resistance sources. Because of its taste, S. Phureja is currently very popular with breeders. The British trading company Greenvale introduced a Phureja variety into the Tesco supermarkets last year, for example. The CIP has mapped out a total of seven different edible varieties, of which the various chromosomes appear two to six times. When a different form of a particular variety is found somewhere in the Andes, it is called accession (the predecessor of a variety) and is described as such and stored. Potato science for the poor In the Year of the Potato, the CIP organised the Potato Science for the Poor congress in the Peruvian Cusco. Various scientists came together here to discuss the possibilities for using the potato to ban poverty and hunger from the world. There is, in fact, no better place for such a congress than in the area where the potato comes from. During that congress, a large group of potato researchers presented a wide range of subjects. This ranged from sharing experiences about a variety of projects in the poor areas in the world to developments in the domain of genetic modification. At this moment, the CIP people are still very busy summarising the recommendations and conclusions of this congress for a report. Meristeem Turnips David Tay show liquid nitrogening Potato World 2009 • number 1 32 Pagina 31

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