Internat ional Year of the Potato Cheque for the Poor During this congress, David Nelson from the English potato trading company Branston handed over a cheque of 9,000 pounds (approx. 12,000 euros) to CIP director Pamela Anderson. The amount is sufficient to open a complete station for rapid multiplication in Peru, including a cutting room, greenhouse and a storage room. Nelson said that, next to good varieties, high quality seed potato cultivation is just as important to fetch high yields from a plot. Hence the financial contribution. Seeds The CIP has more than 5,000 such varieties. In addition they have descriptions of more than 2,400 wild varieties that usually do not even grow tubers, but very often they are resistant to pests and diseases. Only when an accession is especially grown and maintained by farmers, do scientists speak of a variety. Jaap Delleman Field multiplication Potato World 2009 • number 1 33 Pagina 32

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