Condor WideTrackPlus for (advanced) growers! the ideal solution With WideTrackPlus Agrifac expands its self-prOpelled sprayer program with track widths up to 320 cm. The difference is made by the widened StabiloPlus chassis. Spraying technique, spray booms and operating comfort are identical to all other Condors. A 300 cm track width is ideal for bulbs and onions and with row crop tyres fitted also ideal for potatoes without tramlines. A second possibility is a track width of 320 cm in potatoes with a distance between the rows of 95 cm. This makes it possible to run wide tyres (480 or 520), with minor rutting, optimal stability, the largest possible cultivation surface and optimal sorting sizes of seed potatoes! WIDE TYRES - MINOR RUTTING - OPTIMAL STABILITY 48 cm WideTrackPlus 95 cm 320 cm 75 cm 95 cm Better quality handling systems & improved productivity for your packhouse Potato Europe STAND NUMBER V240 VISIT US AT T +31(0)521 527 210 E n Market leading innovation n Quality design n First class installation n Exceptional support See more at HERBERT Engineering BV Expertise & reliability from the field to the customer Pagina 31

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