Order now The most complete Potato Handbook in the world The Handbook, richly illustrated with over a thousand photos and many hundreds of diagrams and graphs, comprises a total of ve fully elaborated chapters divided into clear paragraphs and is providedwith an index. The rst chapter deals with people who consume potatoes, create economic value and set up related organiza�ons. Chapter two is based on the plant, its growth, how it uses sun, water and mineral resources and how it defends itself against diseases and pests. In the third chapter, the Handbook gives an overview of the propaga�on material with both a gene�c and a seed material component. All aspects of the crop in its environment of soil and weather in various climates as well as the inuence of climate change is described in the fourth chapter. In conclusion, chapter ve deals with the cul�va�on and storage of the tubers with all the equipment and organiza�on involved. Order informa�on The Potato Handbook is published in English and Dutch. It is meant for everyone who wants to delve deeper into the potato, such as growers, extensionists, technicians, students, researchers and par�cipants in the value chain in all climates and cul�va�on systems. webshop: www.potatoworld.eu, e‐mail: info@potatoworld.eu Pagina 35

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