TRADE AND MARKET I NG Colombian fry duties are latest sign of trade tension A decision by the Colombian Government to recommend duties on from Belgian, Dutch and German fry processors is the latest example of trade restrictions that threaten global sales of potatoes and other products, writes Cedric Porter of World Potato Markets. C oncerned about the imports of lowpriced fries, a Colombian committee investigated European trade and has recommended the imposition of anti-dumping duties on potato products from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Belgian & Dutch fry imports to Colombia increase Belgian and Dutch fry imports into Colombia have increased over the last year, with a drop in US, Canadian and German trade. Total imports in the year ending August was 46 997 tonnes, 13.6% more than the year before, with August imports 15.0% higher at 4 518 tonnes. The value of imports has increased by 11.5% to US$37.137 million over the year, with the value of August imports down 1.9% to US$3.307 million. The average price of imports in August was uS$732/ tonne, 14.7% less than in August 2017. Belgium accounted for 58.7% of total imports in the year ending August at 27 604 tonnes, an increase of 12.5% on the year before. Belgium supplied 2 786 tonnes in August 24.8% more than the same month last year. The average price of Belgian fry imports in August was US$685/tonne, 17.4% down on the August 2017 price. The average price of all Belgian fry exports in July 2018 (latest available figures) was US$736/tonne, which is only 7.4% more than the average price to Colombia. Trade disputes on the rise The threat of duties on Colombian fry imports is the latest example of trade restrictions on what are perceived to be low-priced imports. In 2013 South Africa imposed duties on mainly European imports. Imports from Belgium and the Netherlands had increased rapidly and were at 42 250 tonnes in 2011/12. By 2015/16 imports had fallen to 9 300 tonnes. They have increased a little since and were at 16 400 tonnes in the last year. The price of imports in 2010/11 was US$844/tonne, but the duties had Potato World 2018 • number 4 37 Pagina 36

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