CU LTIVATION AND TECHNOLOGY A lot of news on PotatoEurope 2019 On 4 and 5 September of this year, PotatoEurope will be setting up its exhibition tents again in the Belgian village of Kain, in the middle of the Walloon potato growing area and in the shadow of the various French-fry processors in the region. After the particularly dry growing season of 2018, it’s interesting to see that the new potato trading season will start this year in the country with the highest French-fry production in Europe. F or many years now PotatoEurope has been an ideal opportunity to start the potato trading year in one of the four major potato countries on the European continent. The 2019 edition will take place in Belgium this time. The organisation may possibly welcome more than two hundred national and international exhibitors here. They represent the entire chain, from the cultivation to the processing of potatoes. In 2015, 9,520 people attended the event in Belgium, 25 per cent of whom were foreign visitors from 42 potato countries. The organisation is again hoping for a large number of visitors. Ideal planting conditions Those who have been to PotatoEurope in Belgium before know that this well-tended, undulating area produces fantastic potatoes. During the last editions, many kilos of excellent industrial potatoes were harvested from the various demonstration fields on the 32-hectare show ground. The terrain produces no less than 27 hectares of potatoes of the Fontane and Challenger varieties for demonstrations and tastings. Responsible for the land is crop farmer and contractor Octave Witdouck who uses an ample crop rotation scheme on the healthy soils around his business, he told Potato magazine recently. As a result, the structure remains intact and that will greatly appeal to fellow sector members who are working on soil improvement. Attention will also be focused on soil issues in the field demonstrations and the various stands. Solutions include appropri18 Potato World 2019 • number 2 Pagina 17

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