TRADE AND MARKET I NG Fruit Logistica: tech and trends in the international fresh world HZPC puts La Vie in the spotlight The decoration of the HZPC stand was entirely devoted to the new La Vie variety. The Frisian trading house has high expectations of this versatile potato and allowed visitors to taste snacks prepared by chefs on the spot. ‘It’s a variety with a beautiful deep-yellow colour that’s suitable as table potatoes, as baby potatoes and as a peeled product. In short, it gives you many possible uses and that’s important for a variety nowadays’ says Michiel ten Duits (right in the photo). He thinks that the variety is also very successful in cultivation. ‘It doesn’t grow coarse tubers as quickly as Annabelle, for example, it has stronger haulm and develops lots of tubers. There’s a lot of discussion about the consequences of the dry season. With around 20 percent less yield, it’s all hands on deck to serve the customers well, says Lilian Escalon (l), director for Europe when asked. ‘The sales season had a slow start. We first wanted to be sure about quality and quantities. Years with shortages are always difficult but, given the circumstances, we’re satisfied with the way things turned out. Packaging with (almost) pure paper Sustainable packaging materials are in the spotlight. Hans Grips, director of the German packaging printer Cartomat, knows that like no other. Because there wasn’t yet any good paper packaging on the market in his view, the company decided to develop its own. Cartopaper. ‘Robustness is a tricky point. That’s why you still see a lot of packaging that consists partly of plastic and partly of paper. Our packaging consists of more than 95 percent paper, so it’s fully recyclable and strong enough for packaging potatoes in bags of 500 to 2,500 grams. He shows a few examples. The bags have round holes, so that air can enter and you can see the potatoes to some extent. In order to be able to use his rolls of paper, a small adjustment to the packaging machine is required, says Grips. ‘At the place where the packaging is sealed, there’s an acrylic strip that must be compressed at high pressure and 135 degrees Celsius. Behind him is a packaging machine from manufacturer Jasa, with whom he works together. But other brands can also be made perfectly suitable for his paper, emphasises Grips. He estimates the adjustment costs at around 10,000 euros. Sustainability comes at a price, also for retailers and consumers. Plastic packaging for a shop costs around 3 to 4 cents, Grip’s paper version probably costs around 10 cents each. ‘Off-road forklift truck offers convenience on land’ There isn’t a lot of rolling stock at Fruit Logistica. Yet the Italian company Babini Giorgio decided to take its lightest offroad truck to Berlin, because it wants to sound out the interest. The four-wheel drive machine is equipped with a Köhler engine and can lift 1.5 tons. The machine itself weighs 2,800 kilos and is available from 26,000 euros. Besides a 1.5 ton version, the company also supplies a 2.7 ton version. There is no dealer in NorthWestern Europe yet. Potato World 2019 • number 2 31 Pagina 30

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