TRADE AND MARKET I NG Fruit Logistica: tech and trends in the international fresh world ‘Solentum is an information company’ its debut at Fruit Logistica with its own stand and a presentation on the tech stage, which this year was dominated by ‘disruptive innovations’. Solentum is a subsidiary of HZPC and is known, among other things, for the Solgrader, an app that calculates the grading of a sample using a simple photo during trial liftings. The company is also the inventor of the Solantenna, the blue plastic ‘potato’ that keeps an eye on the CO2 content in the storage facility and warns if it gets too high. But even more than on this type of application, the company wants to focus on the smart use of collected data. ‘We’re first and foremost an information company’, emphasises Egbert Bakker, who took up his position as director in December. Bakker has a background in IT and wants to involve users even more in the development of new algorithms. ‘There’s a lot of talk about big data, but little concrete work is being done about it. The new direction doesn’t mean that developments in the field of hardware have come to a standstill. Solentum is currently working on a hand scanner with which you can do on-the-spot measurement of the dry matter content in the tuber. ‘We are in the testing phase.’ Landjuweel makes its debut at Fruit Logistica The Dutch tech start-up Solentum made For the first time, Landjuweel was present at Fruit Logistica with a stand. ‘There are so many developments in the potato industry that we thought it was time to show what we have and to further expand our network’, commercial manager Joeri Wulff explains. With an enlarged version of this stand-up bag, the potato supplier from Groningen shows that he’s absolutely certain about what he can offer to potential customers. ‘We’re focusing on attractive packaging for different target groups. For example, young consumers take decisions once they’re already in the shop. We take advantage of this with an attractive packaging and show that you can have boiled potatoes on the table in 12 minutes. That’s what that target group needs, otherwise they’ll move on to the pasta. The organic products line is also present on their stand and is part of the ‘organic route’ at Fruit Logistica. If it’s up to Landjuweel, their small retail packaging will soon also be available at foreign supermarkets. Quik’s potatoes quickly ready with the Air fryer Potato products from the Air fryer, at the speed of the frying pan. That’s what Quik promises with its line of products designed specifically for this popular piece of equipment. ‘The Air fryer is a huge success, but for most French fries that you see in the shops, a preparation time of 15 minutes applies. We managed to reduce that to 7 minutes, without additives, except for a little sunflower oil’, says Peter Hoogendoorn from the company in the Dutch province of Brabant. The chips are now in the shops, later this year they’ll expand with baby potatoes and baked potatoes. Another new product at the Berlin stand is a steam packaging for microwave potatoes, fitted with a valve. ‘With this, we’re also responding to the trend towards the combination of health and convenience. 30 Potato World 2019 • number 2 Pagina 29

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